Works made using mixed technique on paper (Rosaspina 220 gr.) combining sanguine, watercolour, soft crayon, gouache and coloured Indian inks. At this present phase, the artist’s goal is to enhance the marriage (or the conflict) between the themes explored and the material purity of the support paper; the themes, often times existential, are addressed to a global audience.

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Works created using mixed technique (Sanguine, soft crayon, watercolour and gouache) on Rosaspina paper 220 gr. The series of greeting cards making up most of the works portray at first glance some Christmas-themed characters, but their inherent invitation to reflection is nevertheless universal.

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Works created using Sanguine (greasy, Medici and 18th century) and mixed technique (Sanuguine, soft crayon and charcoal) on Rosaspina paper 220gr or 280gr. The themes explored are experimental and belong to the artist’s inner reality and his concept of the world, often in the shape of “conceptual engineering”.

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