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Lorenzo is available for curating and outlining exhibition spaces and for setting up exhibitions of diverse nature, dedicating to each single event a tailored research and support to planning.

A specific example is the outfitting of his exhibition “Equilabili” in 2017.

Specially conceived for this exhibition - held in Spoleto in July-August 2017 - Lorenzo drew and created a special framework aimed at supporting and displaying his own works.

The idea itself stemmed from the necessity of setting up and dismantling the exhibition in a very short time. The actualized concept is inspired by the works themselves: those sanguine-drawn springers, pulleys and ropes, which to a certain extent echo the shipbuilding environment and the cable-stayed structures, are made to jump out of the paper and arranged in a way that emphasise transience, uncertainty and the seemingly unstable balance of a delicate architectural universe overlooking oblivion.

The appreciation of the final staging was so remarkable that more than one visitor asked if the painting would be sold along the supporting structure.

The same structure was redesigned in 2018 for the new exhibition space in Piazza del Mercato, in Spoleto.

Upon request, Lorenzo is available to provide his own consultancy and collaboration for staging, installations and anything else his creativity might be expressed and appreciated for.