Christmas Greetings 2020




Getting deep into oneself means to evade.

A cage is what you think you need, or what you think you need to be surrounded by.

Getting deep inside, you’ll find freedom.

The pages take the shape of breath, of the authentic,
of what’s free, real, and alive.



We gather together and we share something.

A story, a colour, a flavour.

Opening up means strength.

Opening up means inviting another soul into yours.

A Greater Peace


Prometheus brings fire to mankind.
He will be punished by the gods, but his light is still a sacred gift.

What shines within you makes the world richer. Additional light. Additional peace.

If I excel, you excel.

My light illuminates you.
Together, we Shine.



Fishers of dreams


Where does magic arrives to, where can you fish it, how can you donate it.

I’ll bring you to where solar wind and atmosphere come together, and where that sacred fire becomes dawn. Dream. A new beginning, existing and not existing in equal measure. Like a dream.

It’s a helper, in constant movement. Fire and dream are one, they both dwell in the spirit of mankind.





Don’t stop at what it’s apparent;
just climb up to where you can, and peer beyond:
from there, you’ll be able to see
what the others believe it’s just a star;
for you, though, it’s a destination.