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“Metropolis” display

Conceived by taking inspiration from the architecture of the famous German film, the display has been designed and engineered by Lorenzo Zangheri for his auteur tickets; with its original design, the creation underlines the artistic nature of the whole.
The structure is rotating, with a base size of 32 cm in diameter and a height of 1.10 m; it can be configured for tickets only (max 16 subjects), bookmarks only (max 96 subjects), or both; the new 2021 version is crowned by the new system of star-shaped clips created to insert samples of envelopes or the tickets themselves, then displayed below.

Christmas 2021

For Christmas 2021, Lorenzo Zangheri invests his creativity also in the envelopes of his greeting cards: declined in colors, green, red, blue and white, Lorenzo Zangheri’s envelopes are characterized by the original design and decorative grafts strictly applied by hand; with them, the greeting card becomes a work within the work, a whole in Lorenzo’s creativity.
[27/11, 11:34] Lorenzo Zangheri: Metropolis display stand.

Works created using mixed technique (Sanguine, soft crayon, watercolour and gouache) on Rosaspina paper 220 gr. The series of greeting cards making up most of the works portray at first glance some Christmas-themed characters, but their inherent invitation to reflection is nevertheless universal.

Christmas Greetings

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